Prof Ramji Upadhyaya Memorial Lecture- 4

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm IST | Virtual Session


All the great ideals and realities of Indian culture are hidden in Mahabharata- the great hymn called "Yatodharmastatojayah," wherein, the essence of human culture is hidden. The book gives the message of secularism in the absence of religious communalism. 


The Mahabharata is the most prominent text of the Hiranyagarbha culture of India and is the ocean of knowledge. It has a history of victory for humanity; hence it is called Jayakavya. It is an eternal university teaching Indian reality, ideals, art, knowledge-science, scriptures, philosophy, religion, ethics, conduct, etc. Maharishi Ved Vyas has led the Indian culture not only as a spiritual wonder but also as a sociological historian, an ethicist, and a sage; that is why Mahabharata is the most prominent beacon for the all-round development of our life. His non-attachment yoga, (Nishkam Karma), Divine wealth, and the coordination formula of action, knowledge, and devotion have become the message of immortal life for all countries. 'Gita', a part of this Mahabharata, is such a philosophical corpus that the solution to every person's problem is found in every age. Prof Tripathi would shed light on the State, administration and policy orders, in the context of this great epic.

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