Managing Diversity as Prerequisite for Peace: The Experience of Nepal

11:30 am IST | Dialogue Room- MCPR | Hybrid Sessions


Former Indian ambassador (to Nepal, Hungary and Vietnam), Shri Ranjit Rae will be analyzing the evolving India-Nepal relationship, in light of diplomatic diversity, peace and personal experiences. 

India and Nepal share a unique and complex relationship which has witnessed several changes given the dramatic socio-political transformation seen in Nepal in past two decades and India being closely associated with different developmental processes in Nepal. Ambassador Ranjit Rae will be discussing the diverse and evolving India-Nepal relationship. The lectuire would be followed by release of the book 'Kathmandu Dilemma: Resetting India-Nepal Ties" authored by Amabassador Rae. The program will be conducted in a hybrid mode and could be attended online by clicking the following link: