International Webinar on Food Security

4:00 pm IST | 11:30 am CET | Virtual Sessions


The program would discuss New Forms of Organizing Food and Nutritional Security in Times of Crisis for children in India and the UK. Register for the program by clicking here.

New forms of organizing food and nutritional security for children in crisis in India and the UK, is jointly organised by Anglia Ruskin University, UK, the Centre for Peace and Development, Varanasi and, Nutrition & Health Study Group of Development Studies Association of Ireland (DSAI), and Academics Stand Against Poverty- Irish Network. The current pandemic has paved the way for a grand societal challenge and with new and ever-increasing challenges facing the Governments every day, many local communities, charities have stepped up to respond to the immediate crisis of the pandemic. The webinar would discuss the implications of the pandemic on organisational, managerial and societal processes. It will also address the following key points:

  1. New forms of organizing in tackling the challenges of food and nutritional security for children especially with regards to free school meals (UK) and mid-day meals (India).
  2. Understanding decision making in times of crisis in these new forms of organizing, and whether they lead to organisational or societal changes/challenges.
  3. Understanding the inter-organisational networks coordinating responses to address the immediate challenges.