Dev Diwali: Beacon of Multiculturalism in Banaras

Dev diwali is a festival peculiar to Banaras and is not known to be celebrated anywhere else, or at least not with as much vigour. Even though both diwali and dev diwali are essentially the festivals of light, Dev Diwali is known as the Lord’s festival of light, and, it is a spectacle in Banaras. If you are not aware, there is a popular local proverb that says, ‘Banaras observes nine festivals in seven days!’ , but this year is unusual. With all of us adjusting and discussing (and discussing while adjusting to) the ‘new normal’, needless to say, it’s going to be different. 

Anti Racist Protests and the Tactics of Non Violence

Mass protests, around the world, surrounding the death of George Floyd, is likely to loose its momentum, if not directed with the sole aim of reaching out to bring fundamental changes. The eruption of violence, vandalism, loots and trashing of stores by small bunch, are dangerous for the strength being showcased by hundreds of thousands of peaceful protestors. Non-violence is the only answer.

Indian Urbanism amidst the Pandemic

The pattern of spread of covid-19, showcases that cities worldwide have been kingpin in unfurling the virus and some of the most dense urban and semi-urban areas have suffered the worst hit. It would be interesting to note the amount of lessons that this pandemic would bring us in terms of our cities and their structure, public health care systems, decentralisation of powers and responsibilities etc. 

Interfaith initiatives in India in times of Covid 19

A reflection on facilitating the much-needed partnership between faith-based entities and civil society actors, government and  UN bodies and academia. And, to highlight the current endeavors at local levels wherein faith-based organisations and houses of worship have adapted themselves to cope with the situation.