Centre for Peace and Development


The Centre for Peace and Development seeks to wedge the gulf between theory and practice in policy making through synthesis of the academic findings and experiential inputs from practitioners, leaders and professionals. Facilitating and coordinating mutual interaction through dialogues between leaders, social activists, researchers and practitioners from South Asia as well as other part of the world is one of the core missions of the centre.

Two premises guide CPD’s work- establishing a wide peace constituency of resource persons and scholars stretching beyond South Asia through mutual interactions in seminars, workshops and dialogues; and to create a community of activists committed to the cause of peace and development in the society. Towards this end, the center engages with scholars, academicians, policymakers and practitioners in analysis of and dialogue on critical issues to generate a wider understanding of concepts such as interfaith dialogue, multiculturalism, multi-dimensional process of peacebuilding, youth-led activism, gender equality, inclusion, and social security among others. 


Prof Ramji Upadhyaya Memorial Lecture- 4

Jul 13, 2022

6:45 pm - 8:00 pm IST | Virtual Session


All the great ideals and realities of Indian culture are hidden in Mahabharata- the great hymn called "Yatodharmastatojayah," wherein, the essence of human culture is hid... Read More

Managing Diversity as Prerequisite for Peace: The Experience of Nepal

Mar 30, 2022

11:30 am IST | Dialogue Room- MCPR | Hybrid Sessions


Former Indian ambassador (to Nepal, Hungary and Vietnam), Shri Ranjit Rae will be analyzing the evolving India-Nepal relationship, in light of diplomatic diversity, pe... Read More

International Webinar on Food Security

Nov 22, 2021

4:00 pm IST | 11:30 am CET | Virtual Sessions


The program would discuss New Forms of Organizing Food and Nutritional Security in Times of Crisis for children in India and the UK. Register for the program by clicking Read More


Towards a New Dharma of Peace Building: New Horizons of Conflict Transformations and Alternative Planetary Futures

May 18, 2022

A special lecture by Prof Ananta Kumar Giri from Madras Institute of Development Studies is talking about Dharma as a way of thinking and being, that is related to our thoughts and actions to overcome conflict within self as well as society in transformative ways and; move towards the process of building peace. This process of peace building is not just avoiding conflict but its tranformation. It is also related to visions and practices of treansformative reconciliation. 

Dealing with Mental Health during COVID-19

Oct 14, 2020

An interactive session with Ms Bhairavi on 'Mental Health' during the stressful times of COVID-19. Ms Bhairavi is the Founder of Mithra Trust, an organization dedicated towards extending support and generating mental health awareness. During the discussions, Ms Bhairavi talked about various self-reflective and self-expressive tools and practices which could be used by any one to create a safe space for their own selves and help them discover a path of self-discovery and healing.

Women, Development and Peace

Aug 04, 2018

A striking conversation with Dr. Swati Parashar, a renowned scholar/activist affiliated with Global Studies Program of Gothenburg University, Sweden. Her public engagements focus on women’s experiences promoting the idea of ‘solidarity beyond borders'. Social Activist Jagriti Rahi, Anup Shramik, Shruti Nagvanshi and Dr Lenin Rahuvanshi also participated in the conversation.